Ruff’s Empty Promise

Hagen Ruff began promising years ago that Chava Energy would soon deliver a water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” “SPICE” engine that would take your car a thousand miles on a gallon of water – even though the “Fractional Hydrogen” he was talking about cannot exist – as he certainly knew very well.

And Hagen Ruff has also promised for years that Chava Energy would soon deliver a Zero Point Energy powered “MagGen” magnetic generator that wouldn’t even need any water – even though he certainly knew very well that none of Chava’s worthless devices could “tap Zero Point Energy” at all.

And Hagen Ruff has furthermore promised for years that Chava Energy would soon deliver an Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter, that would magically disprove the laws of physics by extracting energy from ambient heat – even though Chava Energy never even attempted to develop any such device.

And now, Hagen Ruff has promised to sue us if we continue to present the truth about his fraudulent company. That would be wonderful – if it ever happened. Do we sound excited? No. It’s just another delightful empty promise, which we already know he will never fulfill.

Just as we would love to own a car that would get a thousand miles from a gallon of water, we would love to be sued by Hagen Ruff. Then we would have discovery. That means we would finally discover the full extent of Chava Energy’s dishonesty and fraudulence over the past five years, while its wonderful Co-founder Mark Goldes was Chava’s Chief Market Research Officer.

But it’s only just another delightful empty promise.