Chava Energy’s Copycat “Hydrino” Engine Fraud


Chava Energy’s copycat “Hydrino” Engine fraud consists in soliciting and obtaining investments and grants in a blatantly fraudulent manner, making use in particular of the elaborate set of false pretenses, false statements, false claims and empty promises to be found in their “Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen” fraudcraft, involving their make-believe so-called “SPICE” engine.


Chava Energy’s “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Fraudcraft

Chava Energy claimed as follows, on the Chava Energy website:

“Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits – ECHO™ makes possible a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE™
Chava uses the terms f/H for fractional Hydrogen and for commercial purposes ECHO™ – Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits. Converting Hydrogen to f/H releases hundreds of times the power of Hydrogen combustion with oxygen.

“The energy released from the conversion of one barrel of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen is equal to the energy from burning 200 barrels of oil.

“Conversion of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen releases hundreds of times more energy than achievable by burning Hydrogen, though not as much energy from a nuclear reaction. However the energy released by conversion to fractional hydrogen is completely safe and does not generate any radioactive products or other hazards from nuclear reactions. Furthermore, the cost will be far lower than from fossil fueled or nuclear plants. ECHO systems may dramatically accelerate independence from fossil fuels.

“Chava work with fractional quantum states of Hydrogen has opened a path to a new concept we call SPICE — Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine.

“A Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE, will open a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power. Importantly, it can be sized for use in automotive applications. By implementing a revolutionary clean technology as a retrofit for current car engines we can make a very large impact quickly – eliminating pollution from burning fuel in cars and producing a lot of clean energy cheaply. With engines able to run using small amounts of water in a clean and safe way, we can now leave cars running when appropriately parked, as mobile power plants delivering electricity to the grid. Owners with SPICE powered cars would produce far more power than they need to run their homes. SPICE powered cars and trucks could also power places where we work.

“A SPICE in a hybrid car is expected to have a fuel requirement of only one gallon of water for each 1,000 miles of driving… Imagine the positive impact on the economy and the environment of future cars, trucks and buses that need no conventional fuel or recharge, and can pay for themselves over time. This can become a near-term and less expensive alternative to building new coal burning or nuclear power plants.”

Here is what the physicist Andreas Rathke had to say in 2005 about Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics,” on which both Mills’ “hydrinos” and Chava Energy’s “fractional hydrogen” are supposedly based:

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis.”

In other words, not only has Randell Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics” been shown beyond doubt to be false , but it does not even support Mills’ theory of “hydrino” hydrogen states, as Mills would have us believe. There are no “hydrino” states, or “fractional hydrogen” states as Chava Energy calls them. The whole idea is nothing more than a heap of flimflam, that a charlatan may use to swindle nitwits.

In fact, Chava Energy never did any actual work in this direction, at all.  They merely claimed  and pretended to be doing so – as usual.