A Letter To The People Of Japan

Dear Citizens of Japan:

As American citizens, we wish first of all to apologize most sincerely for the failure of American society to respond appropriately and bring an end to the fraudulent and dishonest activities of the American company Chava Energy LLC, before the unscrupulous CEO of this company, Mr. Hagen Ruff, ever had the opportunity to promote this disgraceful company in Tokyo, Japan – as he did not long ago, at Wind Expo 2014.

Unfortunately, we also have more to say.

We are very sorry to inform the people of Japan that a formerly honorable gentleman born in Japan, Mr. Koichi “Kris” Fukuda, at some point became so thoughtless and inconsiderate as to join Mr. Ruff’s fraudulent enterprise and even to become President of “Chava Asia.” It was indeed in this capacity that Mr. Koichi Fukuda accompanied Mr. Ruff in Chava Energy’s booth at Wind Expo 2014.

We have noticed that Mr. Koichi Fukuda at one time obtained a degree in Physics.

For this reason there can be no doubt whatever that Mr. Fukuda is perfectly well aware of the complete falseness of the ludicrous claims of “revolutionary breakthroughs” with which Chava Energy has attempted to deceive and defraud investors for the past five years. These include for example claims that Chava Energy has been developing water-fueled engines powered by the collapse of hydrogen to “hydrino” states that cannot exist, claims that Chava Energy has been developing generators powered by Zero Point Energy, claims that Chava Energy has been developing thermionic converters that magically operate at ambient temperature, and claims that Chava Energy has been developing “Ultraconductor” wire and “Ultraconductor” energy storage systems.  Mr. Fukuda knows these claims were false.

Hagen Ruff’s astonishing capacity for dishonesty was very recently displayed yet again when he first ejected the Co-founder of Chava Energy, Mark Goldes, from his position as a Chief Officer of Chava Energy, and then embarked on a ludicrous effort to deny that Mark Goldes had ever been part of Chava Energy, at all! Mr. Fukuda certainly knows the truth of the matter: that in fact Mark Goldes was not only a Co-founder of Chava Energy, but had been in reality the company’s Chief Liar for five years before his very recent ejection.

But evidently Mr. Fukuda is just as willing to help Mr. Ruff deceive and defraud the citizens of Japan, where he was born, along with the citizens of other Asian nations, as he is to help Mr. Ruff deceive Caroline Kennedy and other American citizens.

Mr. Ruff’s utterly dishonest company Chava Energy LLC is a disgrace to America. We are determined to bring an end to this disgrace.

But Mr. Fukuda, by joining Chava Energy as President of “Chava Asia,” and helping Hagen Ruff and Mark Goldes to promote their fraudulent company in Tokyo, has brought disgrace not only to America but to his native country Japan as well.

We ask the honorable people of Japan to preserve their country’s honor and good name, by asking Mr. Koichi “Kris” Fukuda to please resign from Chava Energy LLC without delay, and never again participate in Chava Energy’s dishonest, unscrupulous, and fraudulent activities.

Thank you dear people of Japan for your kind attention to this matter.