Aesop Institute’s Perpetual Flimflam Generator, Mark Goldes, has made continual declarations over the past decades that Aesop Institute is “developing prototypes” of various amazing “NO FUEL ENGINES” utilizing “revolutionary new technology.”

In 1976 (if not earlier) Goldes began declaring that he would present a prototype of his revolutionary freeway-capable wind-powered motorcycle “within a year.” In the following decades,  Goldes has made countless declarations that he would be presenting the make-believe prototypes of various revolutionary make-believe engines no later than “next year.”

After declaring continually for at least 38 years that he would present prototypes “next year,” Goldes has established the noteworthy record of actually presenting a grand total of zero prototypes of anything at all.

In appreciation of its entertainment value, let us now take a look at one of Goldes’ most laughable offerings in “revolutionary new technology” – the ludicrous phantasm he called the “POWERGENIE.”

The “POWERGENIE” offers for our  thoughtful consideration the concept of a horn-powered generator.

Now, that may sound like nothing more than a feeble joke. But make no mistake: the “POWERGENIE” is just as real as any other genie!

The brilliant idea of this revolutionary breakthrough is to blow a horn at a magnetized tuning rod, designed to resonate at the frequency of the horn, and then collect the electromotive energy produced by the vibrations of the rod.

We’re not making this up.

POWERGENIE tuning rod engine explained – from the patent:

[The device incorporates] “an energy transfer and multiplier element being constructed of a ferromagnetic substance… having a natural resonance, due to a physical structure whose dimensions are directly proportional to the wavelength of the resonance frequency…”

“In this resonant condition, the rod material functions as a tuned waveguide, or longitudinal resonator, for acoustic energy.”

“Ferrite rod 800 is driven to acoustic resonance at the second harmonic of its fundamental resonant frequency by acoustic horn 811, resulting in acoustic wave 816 within the rod having two nodal points… Bias magnet 801 produces magnetic flux 802 extending axially through both nodal points developed within rod 800… The sum electromotive force of coils 820 and 821 develops electrical current and power in resistive load 830.”

– But the patent doesn’t tell us who is going to volunteer to blow the horn at the rod all day. Perhaps it will come with an elephant.

The unsolved mystery as to who would be expected to blow the horn has continued to haunt our imagination. In fact, by now we have asked Mark Goldes many times to please tell us how he expected to power the horn of the horn-powered tuning-rod engine called “POWERGENIE.” He always refuses to answer.

Goldes claimed in 2008 that this wonderful triumph of human genius would bring his company, Magnetic Power Inc, one billion dollars in annual revenue by 2012. Magnetic Power Inc is now defunct, having never produced any “Magnetic Power Modules” – just as his company called “Room Temperature Superconductors Inc” is also now defunct, having never produced any “room temperature superconductors.”

In Mark Goldes’ patent application for his “POWERGENIE” horn-powered tuning-rod engine, he described the tuning-rod as “an energy transfer and multiplier element.”

But of course, for the tuning-rod to “multiply” energy, it would need to disprove the law of conservation of energy. (Obviously the Patent Office should never have allowed such a  description.)

Goldes’ use of the term “energy multiplier element” reflects his pretense that the “revolutionary breakthrough” of the amazing “POWERGENIE” could disprove the law of conservation of energy, by presenting the world with a working “energy multiplier.”

Goldes even claimed in 2008 that the POWERGENIE had been demonstrated already in an electric car, driven 4800 miles by his energy-multiplying horn-powered tuning-rod.

But it seems that most people, for some reason, had difficulty accepting the notion that the law of conservation of energy could be proven false.

And Goldes no doubt noticed that the Second Law of Thermodynamics – that “the entropy of an isolated system tends to increase with time and can never decrease” – is much less clear to most people than the conservation of energy.

So now, after leaving aside the pretense that he could somehow “multiply energy” with a magnetized tuning-rod, Goldes has chosen to focus, instead, on the pretense that he will disprove the Second Law of Thermodynamics by presenting an engine able to do work simply by extracting energy from the single heat reservoir of ambient heat.

There is no “new science” in any of Goldes’ “revolutionary breakthroughs.” There is only pseudoscience and pretense – and nothing new, at all.