Farcical Fraud From Chava

Abstract:       After telling the world for five years that his Chava LLC or Chava Energy LLC was developing “revolutionary breakthrough” technology, such as engines utilizing nonexistent states of hydrogen, Zero Point Energy, and ambient heat, the shameless charlatan Hagen Ruff has recently declared that his new company Chava Wind LLC is now developing a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. And this wind turbine is not just “all talk!” The Chava charlatans have actually drawn and colored a very pretty picture showing just what it will look like – the top half of it, anyway. We must say in fact that Chava Energy’s claims regarding their wind turbine concept are actually quite “out of character” for Chava Energy, seeing that these claims are not necessarily totally fraudulent!

Note:    Chava Energy has recently removed from their website much of the false and fraudulent material which had been there for the past five years. To read what they removed, please see our more recent post, entitled “Hagen Ruff Ejects Number Two Charlatan…”


1.     Overview

There can hardly be very much doubt that Hagen Ruff was inspired to start Chava LLC and Chava Energy LLC chiefly by the stunning success of Randell Mills, the founder of Blacklight Power, who by 2008 had raised millions of dollars from a number of idiots by methodically stupifying their gullible minds with a heap of rubbish about “hydrinos.”

Of course, Hagen Ruff surely knew, when he founded Chava, that Mills’ “hydrino” theory was nothing but rubbish. This fact had been unshakably established years earlier by several unrebutted and unrebuttable papers, such as the one by Andreas Rathke in 2005.

If Hagen Ruff hadn’t known and understood perfectly well that “hydrino” theory was rubbish, then why on Earth would he have chosen the professional charlatan Mark Goldes as his partner and co-founder at Chava and Chava Energy?


2.     Magnetic Power, Inc

In case anyone is still hoping to believe that somehow Hagen Ruff was just not smart enough, at the time when he chose Mark Goldes for a business partner, to see Goldes for the fraud artist that he had been for decades, let’s take a look at just one example of Goldes’ fraudcraft from the very same time period: the hilarious and unforgettable Horn-Powered Tuning-Rod “POWERGENIE” generator!

Now, the concept of a “horn-powered” generator may sound like nothing more than a feeble joke. But make no mistake: Goldes’ “POWERGENIE” was just as real as any other genie!

The brilliant idea of this “revolutionary breakthrough” was to blow a horn at a magnetized tuning rod, designed to resonate at the frequency of the horn, and then collect the electromotive energy produced by the vibrations of the rod.

We are not making this up.

“POWERGENIE” tuning rod engine explained – from the patent:

[The device incorporates] “an energy transfer and multiplier element being constructed of a ferromagnetic substance… having a natural resonance, due to a physical structure whose dimensions are directly proportional to the wavelength of the resonance frequency…”

“In this resonant condition, the rod material functions as a tuned waveguide, or longitudinal resonator, for acoustic energy.”

“Ferrite rod 800 is driven to acoustic resonance at the second harmonic of its fundamental resonant frequency by acoustic horn 811, resulting in acoustic wave 816 within the rod having two nodal points… Bias magnet 801 produces magnetic flux 802 extending axially through both nodal points developed within rod 800… The sum electromotive force of coils 820 and 821 develops electrical current and power in resistive load 830.”

– But the patent doesn’t tell us who is going to volunteer to blow the horn at the rod all day. Perhaps it will come with an elephant?

The unsolved mystery as to who would be expected to blow the horn at the rod all day has continued to haunt our imagination. In fact, by now we have asked Mark Goldes many times to please tell us how he expected to power the horn of this horn-powered tuning-rod engine he called “POWERGENIE.” He has always refused to answer.

In Mark Goldes’ patent application for his “POWERGENIE” horn-powered tuning-rod engine, he described the tuning-rod as “an energy transfer and multiplier element.”

But of course, for the tuning-rod to “multiply” energy, it would need to disprove the law of conservation of energy. (Obviously the Patent Office should never have allowed such a  description.)

Goldes’ use of the term “energy multiplier element” reflected his pretense that the “revolutionary breakthrough” of the amazing “POWERGENIE” could disprove the law of conservation of energy, by presenting the world with a working “energy multiplier.”

By the time when Hagen Ruff partnered with Goldes to form Chava Energy in 2010, Goldes had even gone so far as to file a patent application for this utterly worthless “breakthrough” – not (of course) because he ever expected that his company (or any other) would ever want to produce it, but only in the hope of giving some weight to the pretense that he had developed something useful.

No one can possibly argue that Ruff could have ever thought that the ridiculous “POWERGENIE” concept was even worth a nickel.

Yet Goldes had claimed since 2007 that this ludicrous piece of foolery would bring his company, Magnetic Power Inc, one billion dollars in annual revenue by 2012.  And Ruff was no doubt very well aware of those utterly fraudulent claims, which Goldes had repeated not only in “Executive Summaries” of Magnetic Power, but also in many comments posted on various websites.

The matter of the “POWERGENIE” allows no other conclusion, than the readily evident one, that when Hagen Ruff chose Goldes to be his business partner, he understood very well  that Goldes was simply a fraud artist and nothing more.  And that was exactly what Hagen Ruff wanted. He intended to follow in the footsteps of Randell Mills, and become a “hydrino” flimflam millionaire just as Mills had done. He wouldn’t even need to write a book – Mills had already written it!


3.      Chava Energy LLC

Chava Energy claims to be “leading by example” – but the only overall example they have provided is just an example of how to solicit investments very dishonestly, by way of blatantly fraudulent use of pseudoscience, pseudophysics, false claims and false pretenses.

All three of Chava Energy’s major pretenses of “revolutionary breakthroughs” in energy production are indeed blatantly fraudulent – and Hagen Ruff has always known they are fraudulent. This was made evident from the outset by his partnership with Mark Goldes, who has been nothing but a fraud artist for decades, and it is evident as well from Ruff’s recent apparent decision to go into the business of building wind turbines. Wind turbines offer no advantage whatever over Chava’s three pretended breakthroughs – except that wind turbines can actually work.

Let’s take a closer look at Chava Energy’s flimflamtastic “revolutionary breakthroughs:”


3.1      Chava Energy’s Water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Flimflam

Chava Energy’s “fractional hydrogen” flimflam is nothing more than copycat flimflam taken straight from Randell Mills, the very accomplished and successful charlatan who founded Blacklight Power Inc.

On his website, Ruff states: “Chava work with fractional quantum states of Hydrogen has opened a path to a new concept we call SPICE — Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine.”

What Chava now calls “fractional hydrogen” is nothing other than the fictional and nonexistent form of hydrogen that Mills calls the “hydrino.”

Here is what the physicist Andreas Rathke has to say about Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics,” on which both Mills’ “hydrinos” and Goldes’ “fractional hydrogen” are supposedly based:

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis.”

Here some extended excepts from Rathke’s paper:

A critical analysis of the hydrino model

Andreas Rathke 2005 New J. Phys. 7 127

“Hydrinos are alleged lower-energetic electronic states of the hydrogen atom. These states are predicted within a new deterministic theory of quantum mechanics called the `grand unified theory of classical quantum mechanics’ (CQM)… In this theory, the sheath electrons of an atom are orbiting the core at a fixed distance on a so-called orbit sphere. For the well-known electronic states of the hydrogen atom, the radius of the orbit sphere equals the radius of the corresponding state in Bohr’s model. For the new hydrino states, the radius is r  =  qaH, where aH is the Bohr radius and q is a pure fraction. The corresponding binding energies are given by Wq  =  W1/q2 where W1  =  13.6 eV is the energy of the standard hydrogen ground state. The standard ground state of the hydrogen atom is assumed to be metastable and the new hydrino states are only attainable by `non-radiative’ transitions… These states are assumed to be reachable in the collision of hydrogen atoms with a catalyst, which can make an electronic transition of the same energy. In the collision the energy is transferred from the hydrogen to the catalyst, which absorbs it by an electronic transition to a more energetic state. Eventually, the catalyst will release the acquired energy by the emission of a photon and return to its ground state. The lowest-energy hydrino state, the real ground state of the hydrogen atom, is then determined by the requirement that the orbital velocity of the sheath electron must not exceed the speed of light. The use of the alleged hydrino states for power systems relies on inducing the decay of hydrogen to a hydrino state and using the energy released in this process.”

“Our analysis of the theory of [CQM] has demonstrated that the theory is mathematically inconsistent in several points: the quantization condition of CQM allows only a solution for the ground state of the hydrogen atom; the radial solutions for the charge-density function of the electron, as well as the angular solutions with nonzero angular momentum, differ from those given in the literature on CQM… To uncover the latter problem, we did not resort to any physics argument but instead directly checked the alleged solution of the underlying equations of motion. Hence there is no way to cure the flaws of the theory by adding physical assumptions. CQM is obviously inconsistent, and in particular does not contain solutions that predict the existence of hydrinos. Hence, we can omit a further discussion of CQM and, in particular, will not discuss the description of `non-radiative’ electronic transitions.”

“…whereas the stability of the ground state of the hydrogen atom is not yet proven for all environmental conditions, the hydrinos have alleged properties that make it impossible that their existence can be encompassed by standard quantum mechanics.”

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis. This strongly suggests that the experimental evidence put forward in favour of the existence of hydrinos should be reconsidered for interpretation in terms of conventional physics. This reconsideration of the experimental data is beyond the scope of the current paper. Also, to understand properly the experimental results presented by Mills et al , it would be helpful if these were independently reproduced by some other experimental groups.”


3.2      Chava Energy’s “Zero Point Energy” Flimflam

Chava Energy has been just as ready to misrepresent its own work as to misrepresent the work of others. They are determined to present themselves as the brilliant makers of “revolutionary breakthoughs” – no matter how much dishonesty this may require. The result is the blatant misrepresentations one finds (for example) throughout their flimflam regarding their “MagGen” magnetic generator concepts. Again and again on their website, Chava states or implies that somehow the MagGen harvests Zero Point Energy. For example, they say: “The Chava Magnetic Generator (MagGen) breakthroughs offer several alternate routes to tapping the energy of quantum noise (Zero Point Energy) via the magnetic spin moment.”

But none of the “MagGen” patent applications ever even mention Zero Point Energy. The proposed concepts do not involve Zero Point Energy, which is actually inaccessible for any use. Far from offering “several alternate routes” to tapping Zero Point Energy, the patent applications do not even pretend to offer any such route at all, or even mention Zero Point Energy. So why does Chava Energy post such blatantly false and nonsensical statements on their website?

Well, evidently Chava thinks that “tapping Zero Point Energy” sounds a little more like a “revolutionary breakthrough” than the humdrum use of ordinary magnetism and electric current actually described in the applications.

In his application for the 2005 “MagGen,” Gunderson says: “…as increasing amounts of energy are withdrawn from the generator as output power performing useful work, decreasing amounts of energy are generally required to operate it. This process endures, working against the permanent magnets… until they are demagnetized.”

In reality, Gunderson’s “Solid State Electric Generator” is not a generator at all, but only a crude transformer, which has never been found useful for any purpose at all.


3.3      Chava Energy’s Ambient Heat Thermionic Converter Flimflam

On his website, Ruff states: “Chava is planning to introduce a thermionic converter which will extract ambient heat from the environment and efficiently convert this heat into electrical energy. At first sight it appears that this system is prohibited by the laws of physics. No power is supplied but, as if by magic, the system pumps heat and transfers it into an electrical load.”

– Of course it does, Mr. Ruff! That’s just what the system does! We have no doubt of this at all, because surely the wonderful people promoting the Fractional Hydrogen “SPICE” engine, and the Zero Point Energy “MagGen” generator, would never ever lie to us on any matter at all!

Chava Energy states on their website: “Chava’s thermionic converter design extracts ambient heat from the environment and converts this into useable electrical energy.”

On what planet will your thermionic converter do that, Mr. Ruff?

Thermionic converters require a temperature at the hot electrode, from which electrons are emitted,  far above ambient temperatures available on Earth. A thermionic converter that can operate at 700 degrees Celsius is considered a low temperature thermionic converter.

In addition to the hot electrode at a very high temperature, thermionic convertors also require a cold electrode at a much lower temperature to collect the emitted electrons and produce a current.

Hagen Ruff pretends that “at first sight” we will see his magical thermionic converter produce energy from ambient heat. But unless he intends to utilize the “ambient heat” of a forest fire, we are not going to witness that sight.

In fact, Chava Energy’s ludicrous pretense, that they have any prospect whatever of introducing any “ambient heat thermionic converter,” is nothing more than yet another vivid example of Mark Goldes’ style of fraudcraft in action.  Following the standard Goldes technique, Chava Energy tries to gain credence for this foolish pretense by misrepresenting the work of others. They pretend that a certain paper written by Xin Yong Fu and Zi Tao Fu at Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, involved an ambient heat thermionic converter. But in fact, the Fu and Fu paper obviously did not involve any thermionic converter. Describing their experiment, Chava Energy says: “With no magnetic field present, although electrons thermally emitted from one electrode can reach the other, by symmetry the reverse reaction is true and no detectable current flows. However when a magnetic field was applied current flow from one electrode to the other was observed.” – So, a current was made to flow between electrodes only by applying a magnetic field. But a thermionic converter is a device that uses only a temperature difference between two electrodes – and nothing more –  to cause a flow of electrons between the two electrodes. Fu and Fu used a magnetic field to accomplish this – not any temperature difference. So Fu and Fu’s device was not a thermionic converter, at all.


4.         Chava Wind LLC

On Chava Energy’s company information page on the Wind Expo 2014 website, it’s a bit surprising to see that Chava Energy only listed one single product in their “Product List.” – Which product do you suppose they listed? Did they list their water-fueled “fractional hydrogen” “SPICE” engine, that will take a car 1,000 miles on a gallon of water? No… Did they list their “Zero-Point Energy” generator, that doesn’t even need any water? No… Did they list their strictly ambient thermionic  converter, that disproves the Second Law of Thermodynamics? No. None of those. They only listed their humble Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, that doesn’t even disprove a single law of physics, at all.

On Chava Energy’s chavawind.com website, they provide a list of their wind turbine concept’s claimed advantages, including: High Efficiency.

This would certainly be a very noteworthy advantage, especially considering that at least two of the three “revolutionary energy breakthroughs” promoted on Chava Energy’s main website can only have an actual efficiency of precisely zero.

Chava Energy’s “fractional hydrogen” “SPICE” engine, supposedly powered by “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits,” will have an actual efficiency of precisely zero, in consequence of the fact that the required “fractional hydrogen” states actually cannot exist, and therefore hydrogen can never collapse to such states, as Chava Energy and Randell Mills pretend.

Chava Energy’s strictly ambient thermionic converter will also have an actual efficiency of precisely zero, owing to the fact that no thermionic material can produce any current except by taking advantage of a temperature difference between two heat reservoirs at different temperatures – which is not made available by ambient heat.

We can certainly understand Chava Energy’s desire to add to their line of still-unseen products, a means of producing energy that could actually display an efficiency greater than zero. That would be a wonderful turning point for Chava Energy!


6.       Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Ruff!

By May 2014, when Hagen Ruff, the Charlatan Executive Officer of Chava Energy, met Caroline Kennedy at Wind Expo 2014, he had just spent five years telling the world all about Chava Energy’s wonderful Revolutionary Breakthroughs. Chava Energy is developing a “fractional Hydrogen” engine that will power a car for 1,000 miles on a gallon of water, don’t you know! And Chava Energy is developing generators able to harness Zero Point Energy, even though quantum physics makes Zero Point Energy inaccessible! And Chava Energy is even disproving the Second Law of Thermodynamics with a strictly ambient thermionic heat engine! Why, there’s simply no law of physics that Chava Energy can’t disprove, when they set their minds to it!

So, when Caroline Kennedy came by his booth, what do you think Hagen Ruff wanted to talk about?

Did he want to talk about his “fractional Hydrogen” car engine that would get 1,000 miles per gallon of water? No…

Did he want to talk about his Zero Point Energy generator? The one that “produces output of more than 100 times the input?” No…

Did he want to talk about his strictly ambient thermionic heat engine? The one that disproves the Second Law of Thermodynamics?


Hagen Ruff had something else on his mind. He wanted to tell Caroline about his Vertical Axis Wind Turbine design!

Can anyone imagine the utter bewilderment that Chava Energy’s naive and gullible previous investors will be feeling, on learning of Hagen Ruff’s new interest in producing a humble wind turbine, that wouldn’t even disprove any laws of physics?

“Is this some sort of a joke, Mr Ruff?

“Haven’t you read your own website lately? Don’t you know that Chava Energy’s breakthrough ‘fractional hydrogen’ engines, that use water as a fuel, will be powering automobiles ‘within three years,’ and will no doubt be powering everything else soon after? What’s the point of designing wind turbines, when the market for them is bound to collapse entirely as soon as your water-fueled engines and Zero Point Energy generators go into production? The only uncertainty is whether it will be your fractional-hydrogen engines, your Zero Point Energy generators, or your thermionic ambient heat engines that will wipe out the wind turbine market first. Surely you’re joking, Mr. Ruff!”

Hagen Ruff claims that his still-unseen wind turbine will produce ten kilowatts – when the wind is blowing. But that’s only thirteen horsepower. Ruff’s water-fueled “fractional hydrogen” car engine must surely be far more powerful!

Why would anyone buy Chava Energy’s wind turbine instead of Chava Energy’s water-fueled engine, which could be set up to spin a generator, 24/7, on a gallon of water per day? – Well, perhaps someone  out in the desert might be short on water. But even in that case, Chava Energy still has another “revolutionary breakthrough” far better than a wind turbine: their wonderful Zero Point Energy generator, that needs no water at all!

Where in the world will there be any market for your wind turbine, Mr. Ruff, after your Fractional Hydrogen and Zero Point Energy breakthroughs become available, according to your website “within three years” from now?

In 2009, Mark Goldes declared: “Since a [Zero Point Energy] MagGen  or a [water-fueled “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits”] SPICE [engine] can run when the vehicle is parked, owners can look forward to future systems that will wirelessly transmit up to 150kW to the utility.” So, either one of these “breakthroughs” would generate about 14 times the power of Ruff’s humble vertical axis wind turbine – and they would run 24/7, in any weather!


8.     Conclusion

The relentless and pervasive dishonesty, fraudulence, and unscrupulousness, that characterized Mark Goldes’ use of his company Magnetic Power Inc for over twenty years prior to the founding of Chava LLC and Chava Energy LLC, has also characterized Mark Goldes’ and Hagen Ruff’s use of Chava and Chava Energy ever since they were founded.


9.        Notes (Under Construction)

9. 1     Notes On Magnetic Power, Inc

2005:  Mark Goldes Claims His Flimflam-Powered “Virtual Photon Flux” Magnetic Power Modules Will Earn MPI (His Now-Defunct Company) 335 Million Dollars By 2010

For over twenty years, beginning in 1987, Mark Goldes’ company “Magnetic Power Inc” (MPI) declared year after year that prototypes of its current pretended “revolutionary breakthroughs” would be presented for validation “next year.” Not a single one of these countless claims were ever fulfilled before the worthless company was finally disbanded.

Here is an excerpt from a typical example of a fraudulent “Executive Summary” from MPI, falsely pretending to have already created a working generator powered by “Virtual Photon Flux:”

Executive Summary [November 14,  2005]

“MPI’s mission is to supply the world with clean, abundant, and inexpensive electricity.

“The company is developing technology it calls Magnetic Power Modules(TM). Based upon breakthrough discoveries in MPI’s labs, Magnetic Power Modules are being designed that operate continuously, without fuel, extracting electricity by converting abundant, renewable, Virtual Photon Flux (VPF), an energy source that exists everywhere in the universe. The process will create no pollution. The cost of electricity is estimated to be less than 1 cent/Kwh, significantly less than any competing form of power generation today or in the foreseeable future.

“Magnetic Power Modules will be scaled to a wide range of applications. They appear suitable for the relatively small power needs of consumer devices up through the massive needs of power generation plants.

“Revenues from licenses of Magnetic Power Modules are conservatively projected to exceed $200 million annually by 2009:

“2006: $10 million;   2007: $25 million;   2008: $75 million;   2009: $225 million”

“Following the VPF research in private laboratories around the world, and based on recent breakthroughs in MPI laboratories, prototypes are currently being built that the Company expects will soon receive external validation. The first in a substantial series of patent applications was filed in January, 2005. A plug-in hybrid car may be modified, to become a prototype powered by VPF for local driving, during 2006.

“The commercial potential of Magnetic Power Modules is huge, with applications throughout the roughly $1.8 trillion worldwide market for energy. The Company forecasts rapidly growing revenues and profits, with revenues beginning in 2006…

“Revenues from licenses of Magnetic Power Modules are conservatively projected to exceed $200 million annually by 2009:

“2006: $10 million;  2007: $25 million;   2008: $75 million;   2009: $225 million

– Mark Goldes’ MPI,  November 14,  2005



2007:  Mark Goldes Claims He Will Demonstrate His Imaginary One-Kilowatt Horn-Powered Tuning-Rod “GENIE” Engine (aka “POWERGENIE”) Within One Year; Hundred-Kilowatt “GENIE” Might Take Two Years

“A revolutionary breakthrough by Magnetic Power Inc., called GENIE™ (Generating Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy) will make possible the elimination of the need for batteries of every variety. GENIE generators are expected to replace the need to plug-in a plug-in hybrid. 2 kW is all the power that can be taken from a typical wall socket. A pair of 1 kW GENIE generators are expected to demonstrate a compact, inexpensive, capability to end the need to plug-in, prior to the end of 2008.

“If the development of GENIE generators is put on a 24/7 footing, it may be possible to provide 100 kW systems that will fit in the space of a typical gas tank, on a prototype basis in perhaps two years.”


– Goldes never mentions that the “GENIE” was actually to be powered by a horn.


2008:  Mark Goldes Claims MPI’s “Patent Pending” Ambient Heat Engine Has Already Powered A Car For 4800 Miles; Claims MPI Will Earn One Billion Dollars Annually By 2012

In his “Executive Summary” for MPI of June 2, 2008, Goldes states:

“The company is now involved with a revolutionary, patent pending, technology, which converts ambient heat into electricity. This non-magnetic breakthrough has the potential to go to production in the near future.  The system has proven capability to recharge batteries from heat extracted from the air; an alternative to the need to plug-in…

“Prototypes of the non-magnetic [ambient heat engine] system have been in operation for more that one year and successfully run an electric car for more than 4,800 miles with no need to plug-in.”

In fact, the worthless concept at the center of Goldes’ ambient heat engine flimflam was nothing more than a certain utterly ludicrous exercise in silliness, produced by Kenneth Rauen, that has never had any “patent pending” and never will. It consists of nothing more than several cylinders containing pistons connected to a crankshaft, with various open channels between some of the cylinders. There is nothing to make the pistons move or the crankshaft turn. Rauen has written many pages of tedious nonsense attempting to argue that the engine would work. It certainly will not work, and Rauen has certainly always known that it will not work, and so has Goldes.

It is possible for a heat engine to be powered by ambient heat – as long as it can also utilize a second heat reservoir at a lower temperature. But Goldes’ countless descriptions of his imaginary ambient heat engine have always envisioned a single-reservoir heat engine. Such an engine can do no work – as physicists have understood at least since 1824. This fact, an inescapable consequence of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, is known in physics as the “Kelvin-Planck Postulate.”

In the same “Executive Summary” for MPI,  Goldes claims that MPI’s array of imaginary engines will earn the company one billion dollars annually by 2012:

“Revenues from licenses and Joint Ventures are conservatively projected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2012.

“2008:  $25 million;  2009:  $100 million;  2010:  $300 million;  2011:  $600 million,  2012: $1 b[illion].



9. 2      Notes On Chava Energy’s Water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Flimflam

Here is a link to Andreas Rathke’s paper, “A critical analysis of the hydrino model:”


And here is some more information:


And here is Randell Mills’ hydrino-power patent application 6024935, “Hydrogen atoms and cells for energy extraction:”



9. 3     Notes On Chava Energy’s “Zero Point Energy” Flimflam

Chava Energy says on their website: “Our MagGen™ technologies are the subject of two pending U.S. patent applications covering solid-state magnetic generators. An early prototype of one of them produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input. This first pending patent is titled “Solid State Electric Generator,” under Application no. US 2006/0163971 and is dated July 27th 2006.”

In reality, Gunderson’s “Solid State Electric Generator” is not a generator at all, but only a crude transformer, which has never been found useful for any purpose at all.

Here is the application for publication number 20060163971 . See if you can find any use of “Virtual Photon Flux” or Zero Point Energy, as Goldes and Ruff have variously pretended:



9. 4     Notes On Chava Energy’s Ambient Heat Thermionic Converter Flimflam

Here is some information on thermionic converters:


And here is Britannica’s article on thermionic power converters: