Flimflam Memory Lane

2005:  Mark Goldes Claims His Flimflam-Powered “Virtual Photon Flux” Magnetic Baloney Modules Will Earn MPI (His Now-Defunct Company) 335 Million Dollars By 2010

For over twenty years, beginning in 1987, Mark Goldes’ company “Magnetic Power Inc” (MPI) declared year after year that prototypes of its current pretended “revolutionary breakthroughs” would be presented for validation “next year.” Not a single one of these countless claims were ever fulfilled before the worthless company was finally disbanded.

Here is an excerpt from a typical example of a fraudulent “Executive Summary” from MPI, falsely pretending to have already created a working generator powered by “Virtual Photon Flux:”

Executive Summary [November 14,  2005]

“MPI’s mission is to supply the world with clean, abundant, and inexpensive electricity.

“The company is developing technology it calls Magnetic Power Modules(TM). Based upon breakthrough discoveries in MPI’s labs, Magnetic Power Modules are being designed that operate continuously, without fuel, extracting electricity by converting abundant, renewable, Virtual Photon Flux (VPF), an energy source that exists everywhere in the universe. The process will create no pollution. The cost of electricity is estimated to be less than 1 cent/Kwh, significantly less than any competing form of power generation today or in the foreseeable future.

“Magnetic Power Modules will be scaled to a wide range of applications. They appear suitable for the relatively small power needs of consumer devices up through the massive needs of power generation plants.

“Revenues from licenses of Magnetic Power Modules are conservatively projected to exceed $200 million annually by 2009:

“2006: $10 million;   2007: $25 million;   2008: $75 million;   2009: $225 million”

“Following the VPF research in private laboratories around the world, and based on recent breakthroughs in MPI laboratories, prototypes are currently being built that the Company expects will soon receive external validation. The first in a substantial series of patent applications was filed in January, 2005. A plug-in hybrid car may be modified, to become a prototype powered by VPF for local driving, during 2006.

“The commercial potential of Magnetic Power Modules is huge, with applications throughout the roughly $1.8 trillion worldwide market for energy. The Company forecasts rapidly growing revenues and profits, with revenues beginning in 2006…

“Revenues from licenses of Magnetic Power Modules are conservatively projected to exceed $200 million annually by 2009:

“2006: $10 million;  2007: $25 million;   2008: $75 million;   2009: $225 million

– Mark Goldes’ MPI,  November 14,  2005



2007:  Mark Goldes Claims He Will Demonstrate His Imaginary One-Kilowatt Horn-Powered Tuning-Rod “GENIE” Engine (aka “POWERGENIE”) Within One Year; Hundred-Kilowatt “GENIE” Might Take Two Years

“A revolutionary breakthrough by Magnetic Power Inc., called GENIE™ (Generating Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy) will make possible the elimination of the need for batteries of every variety. GENIE generators are expected to replace the need to plug-in a plug-in hybrid. 2 kW is all the power that can be taken from a typical wall socket. A pair of 1 kW GENIE generators are expected to demonstrate a compact, inexpensive, capability to end the need to plug-in, prior to the end of 2008.

“If the development of GENIE generators is put on a 24/7 footing, it may be possible to provide 100 kW systems that will fit in the space of a typical gas tank, on a prototype basis in perhaps two years.”


– Goldes never mentions that the “GENIE” was actually to be powered by a horn.


2008:  Mark Goldes Claims MPI’s “Patent Pending” Ambient Heat Engine Has Already Powered A Car For 4800 Miles; Claims MPI Will Earn One Billion Dollars Annually By 2012

In his “Executive Summary” for MPI of June 2, 2008, Goldes states:

“The company is now involved with a revolutionary, patent pending, technology, which converts ambient heat into electricity. This non-magnetic breakthrough has the potential to go to production in the near future.  The system has proven capability to recharge batteries from heat extracted from the air; an alternative to the need to plug-in…

“Prototypes of the non-magnetic [ambient heat engine] system have been in operation for more that one year and successfully run an electric car for more than 4,800 miles with no need to plug-in.”

It is possible for a heat engine to be powered by ambient heat – as long as it can also utilize a second heat reservoir at a lower temperature. But Goldes’ countless descriptions of his imaginary ambient heat engine have always envisioned a single-reservoir heat engine. Such an engine can do no work – as physicists have understood at least since 1824. This fact is known as the “Kelvin-Planck Postulate.” Notice that Goldes pretends that there is a “patent pending” for his imaginary invention. Of course, he has never provided any Patent Application Publication Number by which we could confirm that there was any “patent pending” as he claims. Just like the single-reservoir heat engine itself, Goldes’ patent application for it is evidently purely imaginary.

In the same “Executive Summary” for MPI,  Goldes claims that MPI’s array of imaginary engines will earn the company one billion dollars annually by 2012:

“Revenues from licenses and Joint Ventures are conservatively projected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2012.

“2008:  $25 million;  2009:  $100 million;  2010:  $300 million;  2011:  $600 million,  2012: $1 b[illion].



2009: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that his latest company, Chava Energy, “has been developing enhanced theoretical and practical paths that lead towards commercialization of energy conversion systems that utilize hydrinos.”

Goldes now claims to be “developing a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE(tm) powered by hydrinos.”