The Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraft Of MPI, Chava Energy LLC, And Aesop Institute


After founding Magnetic Power Inc in the mid-eighties, Mark Goldes and MPI proceeded to  develop most of the fraudcraftings which would serve as Goldes’ offerings in fraudcraft for the next thirty years, not only at MPI, but also at Chava Energy LLC,  and at his so-called “Aesop Institute.” Goldes’ partnership with Hagen Ruff, the other Co-founder (as well as CEO) of Chava Energy LLC, gave the Goldes-MPI fraudcraft a new lease on life, and accordingly it may now be termed most properly the “Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraft.” For the past five years or more, while serving as a Co-founder and a Chief Officer of Chava Energy LLC, Goldes used his mgoldes @ chavaenergy dot com email address as his Aesop Institute email address as well, at least until his very recent ejection from Chava Energy.  In practice, Goldes made continual use of Aesop Institute to bring investors to Chava Energy, which for five years has based its pretenses on nearly all the same fraudcraft used by Goldes at Aesop Institute. The common fraudcraft included the fraudcraftings of pretended development of water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” engines, of generators supposedly powered by Zero Point Energy, of “Ultraconductor” wire and “Ultraconductor” energy storage systems, and of strictly ambient heat engines – along with endless false claims that these concepts were currently being “prototyped,” and would soon provide wonderful alternatives to fossil fuels.


1.    Introduction.

The Goldes-Ruff fraudcraft has included no less than seven major fraudcraftings, as we have chosen to call them. All but one of them – Aesop Institute’s so-called “Fuel-Free Turbine” – were already in use by Goldes’ company MPI at the time Goldes and Ruff co-founded Chava Energy LLC.

We will first provide a list of the seven fraudcraftings, and then discuss each of them in detail.

Here then is a list of the seven Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraftings used by MPI, Chava Energy LLC, and Aesop Institute:

1. The “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Fraudcrafting

2. The First And Second “MagGen” ZPE Generator Fraudcrafting

3. The Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter Fraudcrafting

4. The Strictly Ambient Heat Engine Fraudcrafting

5. The “Fuel Free Turbine” Fraudcrafting

6. The “Ultraconductor” Fraudcrafting

7. The “UMES” Fraudcrafting


2.      The Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraftings

2.1.   The “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Fraudcrafting

Chava Energy claimed as follows, on the Chava Energy website:

“Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits – ECHO™ makes possible a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE™
Chava uses the terms f/H for fractional Hydrogen and for commercial purposes ECHO™ – Energy from Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits. Converting Hydrogen to f/H releases hundreds of times the power of Hydrogen combustion with oxygen.

“The energy released from the conversion of one barrel of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen is equal to the energy from burning 200 barrels of oil.

“Conversion of Hydrogen to fractional Hydrogen releases hundreds of times more energy than achievable by burning Hydrogen, though not as much energy from a nuclear reaction. However the energy released by conversion to fractional hydrogen is completely safe and does not generate any radioactive products or other hazards from nuclear reactions. Furthermore, the cost will be far lower than from fossil fueled or nuclear plants. ECHO systems may dramatically accelerate independence from fossil fuels.

“Chava work with fractional quantum states of Hydrogen has opened a path to a new concept we call SPICE — Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine.

“A Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE, will open a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power. Importantly, it can be sized for use in automotive applications. By implementing a revolutionary clean technology as a retrofit for current car engines we can make a very large impact quickly – eliminating pollution from burning fuel in cars and producing a lot of clean energy cheaply. With engines able to run using small amounts of water in a clean and safe way, we can now leave cars running when appropriately parked, as mobile power plants delivering electricity to the grid. Owners with SPICE powered cars would produce far more power than they need to run their homes. SPICE powered cars and trucks could also power places where we work.

“A SPICE in a hybrid car is expected to have a fuel requirement of only one gallon of water for each 1,000 miles of driving… Imagine the positive impact on the economy and the environment of future cars, trucks and buses that need no conventional fuel or recharge, and can pay for themselves over time. This can become a near-term and less expensive alternative to building new coal burning or nuclear power plants.”

Here is what the physicist Andreas Rathke had to say in 2005 about Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics,” on which both Mills’ “hydrinos” and Goldes’ “fractional hydrogen” are supposedly based:

“In this paper, we have considered the theoretical foundations of the hydrino hypothesis, both within the theoretical framework of CQM, in which hydrinos were originally suggested, and within standard quantum mechanics. We found that CQM is inconsistent and has several serious deficiencies. Amongst these are the failure to reproduce the energy levels of the excited states of the hydrogen atom, and the absence of Lorentz invariance. Most importantly, we found that CQM does not predict the existence of hydrino states! Also, standard quantum mechanics cannot encompass hydrino states, with the properties currently attributed to them. Hence there remains no theoretical support of the hydrino hypothesis.”

In other words, not only has Randell Mills’ theory of “Classical Quantum Mechanics” been shown beyond doubt to be false , but it does not even support Mills’ theory of “hydrino” hydrogen states, as Mills would have us believe. There are no “hydrino” states, or “fractional hydrogen” states as Chava Energy calls them. The whole idea is nothing more than a heap of flimflam, that a charlatan may use to swindle nitwits.

In fact, Chava Energy never did any actual work in this direction, at all.  They merely claimed  and pretended to be doing so – as usual.

2.2.       The First And Second “MagGen” ZPE Generator Fraudcrafting

let’s look at some of the flimflam Chava Energy previously posted on their website regarding the “MagGen” devices, until its very recent removal:

“Our MagGen™ magnetic generators convert abundant, ambient and renewable energy sources that exist everywhere in the universe. Power Units can be small and lightweight, and made from non-toxic materials.”

“MagGen™: The Chava Magnetic Generator (MagGen™) breakthroughs offer several alternate routes to tapping the energy of quantum noise (Zero Point Energy) via the magnetic spin moment.”

“Chava has two U.S. Patents patents aimed at commercialization under the trademark of MagGen™. Patents #7,830,065 and #8,093,869 cover solid-state (no moving parts) magnetic generators. An early prototype produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input.

“The first patent titled ‘Solid State Electric Generator,’ was issued Nov 9,2010. The second titled ‘Apparatus for Generating Electricity…’ issued January 10,2012. Several prototypes of more advanced devices have been built and an additional, very broad, patent application has also been filed. All power generation modules can be combined, in a manner similar to solar cells, to provide larger amounts of power. We expect to file an additional thirty (30) patents over the next three (3) years for various magnetic power device designs.”

“Chava expects, within three years, of creating prototype Chava Energy™ conversion systems to provide power for automobiles.”

“Several prototypes of more advanced devices have been built and thirty (30) additional patents are expected to be filed over the next thirty-six (36) months for various families of magnetic power devices.”

“RESIDENTIAL GENERATORS for off-grid customers will be an early market product. Today, generators are typically powered by gasoline. In the aftermath of disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and typhoons, power is often unavailable; such early devices, without requiring fuel, will make a crucial difference. Mobile power generators will be a key resource for government emergency agencies and rural communities.

“Chava expects, within three years, of creating prototype Chava Energy™ conversion systems to provide power for automobiles. This eliminates the need for large batteries and for electrical recharging stations. That goal may be reached faster if our engineering development teams work on a 24/7 basis. The conversion systems will open a path to mass production of entirely new varieties of automotive power plants. Other industries will follow soon after the key markets of residential and automotive power.

In fact, neither of the two patents referenced above involve devices that could ever “tap Zero Point Energy” at all. Neither of the patents even mention Zero Point Energy. Neither of the patents describe devices that ever serve as useful “energy conversions systems” as claimed by Chava. As in every case of pretense by Chava, Chava has merely repeated the same empty claims year after year, without ever producing or presenting any device or any evidence of development.

2.3.        The Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter Fraudcrafting

The most minimal of the Goldes-Ruff fraudcraftings, their Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter apparently never included much more than a few sentences on the Chava Energy website, based on a brief Proposal by Cyril Smith:

“Chava’s thermionic converter design extracts ambient heat from the environment and converts this into useable electrical energy.”

“Chava is planning to introduce a thermionic converter which will extract ambient heat from the environment and efficiently convert this heat into electrical energy.

“At first sight it appears that this system is prohibited by the laws of physics. No power is supplied but, as if by magic, the system pumps heat and transfers it into an electrical load.

“Recent work supports this idea. Xin Yong Fu and Zi Tao Fu at Jiao Tong University, in Shanghai, performed an experiment described in their paper: Realization of Maxwell’s Hypothesis.

“With no magnetic field present, although electrons thermally emitted from one electrode can reach the other, by symmetry the reverse reaction is true and no detectable current flows. However when a magnetic field was applied current flow from one electrode to the other was observed.

“But, where the Chinese device produced only tiny current from the thermal emissions, the Chava AHE Thermionic device is expected to produce significantly higher current, hence much greater power levels.”

The fraudcrafting above – recently removed from – quotes a sentence from a certain Proposal by Cyril Smith that leaves the impression that Chava had already created this magical device. In fact, Cyril Smith later wrote a Critique of his own proposal, and it was never “developed” at all.

2.4.       The Srictly Ambient Heat Engine Fraudcrafting

Mark Goldes claims that “Patent pending desktop piston engines that will run 24/7 on the thermal energy in atmospheric heat are being prototyped.”

In fact, the worthless ambient heat engine concept at the center of Goldes’ flimflam is a certain utterly ludicrous exercise in silliness, produced by Kenneth Rauen, that does not have any “patent pending” and never will. It consists of nothing more than several cylinders containing pistons connected to a crankshaft, with various open channels between some of the cylinders. There is nothing to make the pistons move or the crankshaft turn. Rauen has written many pages of tedious nonsense attempting to argue that the engine would work. It certainly will not work, and Rauen certainly knows that it will not work, and so does Goldes.

Kenneth Rauen's Ambient Heat "Engine"

At any given time and place, the atmosphere only provides a single heat reservoir at a single temperature. In order for a cyclic heat engine to do any work, it must be provided not merely with a single heat reservoir, but with two heat reservoirs, at different temperatures. This is an inescapable consequence of one of the most well-established principles in all of physics: the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

To people who have never studied thermodynamics, it might seem that nothing more should be needed to power a heat engine than a reservoir of heat. However, that is not so. In order to do any work, a cyclic heat engine must utilize not just one, but two heat reservoirs, at different temperatures. This has been understood at least since 1824, when Sadi Carnot presented an equation relating the maximum possible efficiency of a heat engine to the temperatures of the two reservoirs. When the two reservoirs are both at the same temperature, the maximum possible efficiency is zero percent: the engine can do no work at all.

Goldes falsely claims that “Two decades of physics research indicate not only that this [single-reservoir atmospheric heat engine] may be possible, but that there exist exploitable exceptions to the current interpretation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.”

2.5.       The “Fuel Free Turbine” Fraudcrafting

Mark Goldes’ latest adventure in flimflam is to declare that a “FUEL-FREE TURBINE invented by a Russian scientist runs on atmospheric pressure.”

But when we read the patent application, we find that actually the turbine does NOT run on atmospheric pressure – it requires compressed air. This is clearly indicated even in the article by Kondrashov posted by Goldes on his flimflam website. Kondrashov says:

“To create a sample of such an engine, you can use ready-made devices, such as a load-bearing element – a low-power turbine module turboshaft turbine engine, and to compress the air… any type of compressor…”

Kondrashov filed his patent application in 2003. No patent was awarded.

Mark Goldes assures us in his note prefacing Kondrashov’s article that “We understand the science behind this jet engine.” But since he incorrectly describes it as an engine powered by “atmospheric pressure” – which it certainly is not – in fact he shows that he doesn’t even understand that the engine requires a supply of compressed air in order to spin at all.

Although Kondrashov does pretend in some of his statements that the turbine will be powered by “atmospheric pressure,” in fact it is evident from his application that the proposed turbine is made to spin only by the use of compressed air.

In his patent application, Kondrashov states:

“To set the above engine in operation, it is necessary to create pressure of working medium (e.g. air) in pneumatic accumulator 18. The compressed air is fed through check valve 19 and/or 20.”

Thus, Kondrashov indicates that an external compressor must be used to fill the turbine’s compressed air tank before the turbine can be started. But he tries to pretend that once the turbine starts to spin, there will be no further reliance on the external compressor – the spinning turbine itself will compress the air that is making the turbine spin. So despite his own false description of the turbine as making use of “low-grade atmospheric energy,” what Kondrashov actually presents in his patent application is a perpetual motion machine in the form of a self-powered air compressor. This is probably the reason why no patent was awarded. It is exactly analogous to trying to use a generator to power a motor to spin the generator to power the motor to spin the generator. It doesn’t work.

For more information on the “FUEL-FREE TURBINE,” please see the Notes.

2.6.        The “Ultraconductor” Fraudcrafting

“Our patented Ultraconductor™ technology provides revolutionary zero resistivity conductive at room temperature polymer materials. Their behavior is identical to that of superconductors, but without the need for cryogenic cooling. “

“ULTRACONDUCTOR™ defined: An electrical conductor, similar to present-day superconductors, having zero measurable electrical resistance in one dimension. They consist of organic polymers that exhibit electrical resistance much lower than the best metallic conductors and are considered a novel state of matter.

“Ultraconductors™ are patented materials being developed for commercial applications with the support of Chava Energy and are the subject of a landmark U.S. Patent 5,777,292, U.S. Patent 6,804,105  and equivalent patents pending worldwide.

“Ultraconductors™ are the result of more than 16 years of prior scientific research, peer-reviewed publication, independent laboratory testing, and 8 years of engineering development. From an engineering perspective, Ultraconductors™ are a fundamentally new and enabling technology, a ‘re lightweight, flexible, transparent medium possessing magnetic, electric, and electronic properties with exceptionally high commercial value. This technology was independently reproduced for the United States Air Force. Chava Energy continues to develop and improve upon wire and cable using room temperature polymer superconductive materials.

“Ultraconductor™ polymers are the only known materials of their kind and our proprietary technology includes the materials, means of fabrication, and application types. Ultimately, Ultraconductors™ offer unprecedented high performance and energy efficiency across a very broad range of products. They are made by the sequential processing of amorphous polar dielectric elastomers.

“Ultraconductors™ exhibit a set of anomalous magnetic and electric properties, including: very high electrical conductivity (> 1011 S/cm -1) and current densities (> 5 x 108 A/cm2), over a wide temperature range (1.8 to 700 K).

“The Ultraconductor™ properties are measured in discrete macromolecular structures which form over time after the processing. In present thin films (1 – 100 micron thickness) these structures, called ‘channels’, are typically 1 – 2 microns in diameter and 10 – 1000 microns apart.

“Using Ultraconductors™ for chip connectors solve a major technical issue for the semiconductor industry – one that still relies upon solder bumps to connect chips, further limiting chip size reduction. Our approach will promote the ability to create smaller chip designs that generate less heat.

“Ultraconductor Wire™ can be made by extending a channel to indefinite length. The technique has been demonstrated in principle. Connections between conducting structures is done with a metal electrode: when two channels are brought together they connect.

“From an engineering point of view, in many applications Ultraconductors can replace copper wire and current high temperature superconductors (which still require liquid nitrogen for cooling) . “

The great high points of Mark Goldes’ career in fraudcraft were the obtaining of four Small Business Innovative Research grants from the Unites States Air Force, which cost taxpayers roughly a half million dollars. In the fourteen years since the conclusion of the fourth project, Goldes’ companies have evidently made no further progress in this area, at all – but that has not stopped Goldes from pretending that Magnetic Power Inc, or Chava Energy LLC, or “Aesop Institute” will be making Revolutionary Breakthroughs involving “Ultraconductors” as soon as you give them your money.  In fact, MPI’s own reports on the Ultraconductor grant projects consist of a succession of rosy and wonderful claims and predictions which went entirely unfulfilled by following projects, and remain unfulfilled today.

It is important to understand that the “Ulraconductor” film was only “ultraconductive” to current across the thin dimension of the film – and not along the extensive dimensions. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make the thin “ultraconductive” film thicker – and never did so. MPI asserted that they would develop a way to make “ultraconductive” wire – and never did so.  MPI asserted that their enrichment method would become the key to making thicker film and wire – but the method never did so.  MPI asserted that their “Ultraconductor” film would surely prove wonderfully useful for making thermoelectric devices – but once again, the rosy claims went unfulfilled. MPI asserted that they would obtain “ultraconductivity” along the plane of the film, instead of merely across the thin dimension, by repositioning the supposedly “ultraconductive” channels. They never did so.

The USAF never “validated” Goldes’ so-called “Ultraconductors” at all, and the USAF never gave Goldes any procurement contract for any “Ultraconductors” at all. The four research grants that Goldes obtained from the USAF were a waste of taxpayer money which never resulted in the development of anything of any value. Goldes’ degree of honesty in the matter of the “Ultraconductor” grants is just the same as his degree of honesty regarding all of his other make-believe “breakthroughs.” It is zero. Zero honesty. Zero “breakthroughs.” Zero fulfilment of his endless empty claims – as usual.

2.7.        The “UMES” Fraudcrafting

Even though neither MPI nor Chava Energy ever presented the slightest fulfillment of their endless claims to be on the verge of creating an Ultraconductor wire, and even though the creation of Ultraconductor wire would be a prerequisite for developing any Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage (UMES) system , that didn’t stop Chava Energy from pretending that they were already developing the UMES system. After all, if they could develop a “Fractional Hydrogen” engine utilizing a type of hydrogen that doesn’t exist, and cannot exist, why shouldn’t they be able to develop an energy storage system utilizing a type of wire that doesn’t exist?

“Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) systems store energy in the magnetic field of a superconducting coil. Direct Current flow in a superconducting coil creates the magnetic field and will last forever while the coil is cryogenically cooled to a temperature below its superconductive critical temperature.

“A typical SMES system includes three parts: superconducting coil; power conditioning system; and cryogenically cooled refrigerator. Once the superconducting coil is charged, the current will not decay and the magnetic energy can be stored indefinitely.

“The stored energy can be released by discharging the coil. Because of its superconductive ability, SMES systems are highly efficient with the least amount of electricity loss in the transfer process compared to other currently known or utilized methods of energy storage.

“However, the requirement for cryogenic cooling makes SMES systems very expensive and often impracticable.

“Chava’s Ultraconductor technology eliminates the need for cryogenic cooling since our proprietary conductive polymer material is superconductive at room temperature.

“Chava’s is working towards achieving greater lengths of Ultraconductor Wire™ from which a room temperature Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage (UMES™) system can be made.

“UMES™ systems could be stacked and linked together to provide major utilities and industrial plant sites with efficient and cost effective energy storage. This allows for better planning for energy uses during the day and night without impacting present day power generation processes and would have substantial positive impact on lowering carbon footprints.

“In time, it is anticipated that UMES systems could be made small enough to be usable in numerous applications where peak energy demands are unpredictable or sporadic, such as in transportation systems like trains, marine vessels, automobiles, air transport.”


3.    Recapitulation.

To summarize, we will now recapitulate more concisely the seven major fraudulent pretenses of the Goldes-Ruff fraudcraft.

3.1.     The “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Fraudcrafting

Like every other “revolutionary development” pretense by Chava Energy, Chava’s claims to be developing a water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” engine were fraudulent first of all because Chava never even attempted to develop any such thing. Their pretended belief and interest  in the possibility of the nonexistent state of hydrogen they called “Fractional Hydrogen” was merely part of a futile effort to copy the appalling success of Randell Mills’ fraudulent use of his “hydrino” flimflam at Blacklight Power.

3.2.     The First And Second “MagGen” ZPE Generator Fraudcrafting

To avoid confusion, we will refer to the first “MagGen” as Gunderson-20060163971, and the second “MagGen” as Gunderson-8093869.

Chava Energy for five years referred to the two Gunderson devices as “MagGen” magnetic generators, falsely and fraudulently claiming that they would provide electric power by “tapping Zero Point Energy,” and that Chava Energy would create “MagGen” prototypes “to provide power for automobiles” “within three years.”

3.3.     The Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter Fraudcrafting

Just as with every other “revolutionary energy breakthrough” claimed by Chava Energy since 2009, we have precisely zero evidence that Chava Energy ever even attempted actually to build the Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converter described in the 2008 Proposal by Cyril Smith. Smith’s Proposal came to Chava Energy by way of Goldes’ previous company, Magnetic Power Inc – along with every other “revolutionary breakthrough” ever claimed by Chava Energy. As Chava Energy knew very well, it would never have worked as a power source as claimed. It was only useful as a pretense.

3.4.     The Strictly Ambient Heat Engine Fraudcrafting

Although Hagen Ruff chose not to utilize the “NO FUEL PISTON ENGINE” idiocy from Kenneth Rauen at Chava Energy, for five years he allowed Mark Goldes to make continual use of his Chava Energy email address while making fraudulent use of it at Aesop Institute to obtain loans and donations. In fact, Goldes made a practice of using his activities at Aesop Institute to bring investors to Chava Energy. Therefore we find that Hagen Ruff and Chava Energy incurred a degree of involvement in the fraudulence of Goldes’ countless false claims regarding the “NO FUEL PISTON ENGINE,” even though it was not directly advertised by Chava Energy.

3.5.     The “Fuel Free Turbine” Fraudcrafting

Alhough the Kondrashov “Fuel Free Turbine,” like the Rauen ambient heat engine idiocy, was never included among Chava Energy’s “breakthroughs,” we find once again that Hagen Ruff and Chava Energy incurred a degree of involvement in the “Fuel Free Turbine” fraud by allowing Mark Goldes to solicit loans to Aesop Institute and investments in Chava Energy simultaneously, using his Chava Energy email address for both.

3.6.     The “Ultraconductor” Fraudcrafting

Chava Energy’s “Ultraconductor” fraudcraft was fraudulent first of all because Chava Energy has never done any development work with the so-called “Ultraconductor” film and therefore has never “continued to develop” the film at all, even though they pretended otherwise for five years. Just as Goldes had done at MPI, Chava Energy misrepresented the true prospects of the “Ultraconductor” material, which had never been found or made useful for any purpose, despite the substantial research funding that MPI had received in the nineties.

3.7.     The “UMES” Fraudcrafting

Chava Energy’s claims regarding “Ultraconductor” Magnetic Energy Storage (“UMES”) were fraudulent first of all because Chava Energy had never been “working towards achieving greater lengths of Ultraconductor Wire,” at all. They have only falsely claimed to be doing so, without ever actually doing any such work. The reference to “greater lengths of Ultraconductor Wire” misrepesents the true status of the “Ultraconductor” by giving the impression that at least a short “Ultraconductor” wire had already been developed – which is not true.  Goldes’ company MPI had worked with a film which they claimed to be “ultraconductive” to current across the thin dimension, but had never succeeded in making any “ultraconductive” wire, at all.


4.      Chava Energy’s Attempted Quarter-Million-Dollar Swindle – That Failed

In October 2013, Chava Energy entered JP Morgan Chase’s “Mission Main Street Grants” contest for small business grants – each in the amount of $250,000 – to be awarded by Chase. To win a grant, a company would first need to receive 250 votes from the general public in order to reach the panel selection stage, and then the company could hope to be selected as a winner by the panel. Chava didn’t receive enough votes to reach the panel. At the time when this contest was conducted, all of Chava’s false and fraudulent claims to be developing “fractional hydrogen” “SPICE” engines, Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, “Ultraconductor wire,” “Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage systems,” and “MagGen” Zero Point Energy generators were still being presented on Chava Energy’s website, which of course would have been the voters’ primary source of information on Chava Energy – and which surely would have been the panel’s primary information source as well, if Chava had reached the panel. If Chava had reached the panel and won a grant, then Chava would have been guilty of swindling JP Morgan Chase, due to the utter falseness of the many fraudulent claims on the Chava Energy website. Since Chava didn’t win any grant, we can’t accuse them of a swindle in this instance. We only accuse them of an attempted swindle.


5.      Chava Energy’s Continuing Dishonesty And Fraudulence

Under “Company Profile,” Chava says:

“Chava Energy™ (Chava LLC) develops breakthrough energy solutions with the goal to dramatically reduce the need for fossil fuels and the associated economic, environmental, health, and geopolitical issues.”

– But Chava has never developed any “breakthrough energy solution.” They have only pretended to be doing so.

“Our new energy solutions will be substantially less expensive than any other existing form of power generation by tapping energy from the 96% percent of our universe that is currently invisible (dark energy and matter). These sources include Zero-Point Energy (also called Quantum Energy, or Vacuum Energy).”

– But Chava is not developing any “energy solutions” that tap Zero Point Energy.

Under Key Target Markets,” Chava says:

“We plan to enter the residential power market in a two-prong strategy. First, we are supplying consumers with small fuel-free devices covering most of the electricity demand in a typical household, while initially remaining connected to the existing power grid in a manner similar to many solar installations. After the initial trials are successfully completed, later generations of devices will be able to provide a grid-independent power supply to homes and apartments. These devices could be either purchased by the consumer or leased for a low monthly subscription fee.

“Automotive: Cars, trucks, buses, rail locomotives, RVs, electric-assisted bicycles, elderly person motive power, golf carts, scooters, electric motorcycles.

“Utilities: Utilities are constantly on the lookout for technologies that would enable them to build and operate power plants without the need of fossil or uranium fuels, producing renewable electricity at a much lower price point than any other alternative. It also eliminates the vast land-use and transmission/permitting problems that most other renewable power generation projects are faced with.”

“Computing: PC’s, laptop, server – retrofit and new-build markets.

“Consumer Electronics: Cell phones/PDA’s, still cameras and video recorders, torches/flashlight, music players, portable DVDs, TVs, gaming, and power supplies; toys, scooters, bikes, electric skateboards.

“Aerospace: Initially engines for small aircraft. Later, advanced technology may ultimately replace or supplement engines for large air and spacecraft.

“Marine: Initially, propulsion systems for smaller vessels and yachts; but ultimately complete systems for large transport and cruise ships.

“Civil/Government: Street lighting; remote power; access control, security, surveillance, military bases, government office buildings, medical facilities and equipment.

“Telecom: Cell tower infrastructure, networking, repeater/amplifier power, remote power.

“Agriculture/Irrigation: Desalinization, pumping stations, water remediation, systems monitoring, sprinklers heads, implements, planting, fertilization, harvesting

“Health Care/Science: Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Equipment, Scientific Laboratories

“Manufacturing/Industry: Durable goods production, mining, shipping.”

– But Chava Energy is not developing any such devices. Chava has never developed anything but a number of perfectly empty, false, and fraudulent pretenses such as the ones we are quoting.

Under “Our Energy Solutions,” Chava says:

Chava expects, within three years, of creating prototype Chava Energy™ conversion systems to provide power for automobiles. This eliminates the need for large batteries and for electrical recharging stations. That goal may be reached faster if our engineering development teams work on a 24/7 basis. The conversion systems will open a path to mass production of entirely new varieties of automotive power plants. Other industries will follow soon after the key markets of residential and automotive power.”

Under “Revolutionary Energy Breakthroughs,” Chava says:

“Chava Energy™ is working in the same area as demonstrated by [Hans] Coler. Some of our generators may prove to be tapping Coler’s Space Energy source, now often referred to as Zero Point Energy (ZPE).”

– But Chava Energy does not have any generators that could be tapping Zero Point Energy, and Hagen Ruff certainly knows that Chava Energy does not have any such generators.

“Chava Energy™ is developing new energy conversion devices that can be manufactured in many of the world’s underutilized factories, possibly creating many new jobs around the globe. These energy devices can be used to power homes and businesses and turn cars, trucks, buses, and ships and eventually aircraft, into portable power plants. Our goal is to replace conventional engines or expensive batteries, eliminating the need for recharging or using any fuels for operation.”

– But in fact Chava Energy is not developing any such “new energy conversion devices.” They are only pretending – just as they pretended for five years to be developing “Ultraconductor” wire and “Ultraconductor” energy storage systems before finally dropping the pretense quite recently, having never done any such work at all.

“Our advanced designs will soon be capable of producing torque and/or electricity on a self-sustaining basis.”

– In fact, Chava has no designs that will ever be capable of any such thing – as Hagen Ruff knows very well. If Hagen Ruff believed he had any such advance designs, why would he want to go into the wind turbine business?

“Our energy conversion modules are designed to be easy to use, inexpensive and capable of rapid manufacturing, thus making a positive global impact. They have the potential to catalyze, with a kick start, a world economic recovery.”

– But Chava Energy has no such modules with any such potential – as Hagen Ruff again knows very well, or he wouldn’t have any interest in producing wind turbines.


6.      Exploiting Concerns Over Climate Change.

An “MPI Overview And Summary” produced by MPI in late 2008 actually lists Hagen Ruff as the Chief Executive Officer of MPI, as well as a Director of MPI; Mark Goldes, who had been the CEO of MPI for two decades, is listed only as Chairman. This document also shows that a major component 0f the Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraft was already well developed in 2008: namely, the fraudulent pretense that the worthless “revolutionary breakthroughs” claimed by Goldes and Ruff could provide alternatives to fossil fuels and thereby shift the global economy “from one dependent on fossil fuels to one that exists on clean, fuel-free, distributed power” and thereby “help offset the consequences of global warming.”

At the time when Hagen Ruff, as CEO of MPI, allowed this and many similar statements to be included in the 2008 “MPI Overview,” MPI was claiming among its “breakthroughs” all but one of the seven fraudcraftings – all but Kondrashov’s self-powered air compressor, which Goldes discovered in 2013. Ruff and Goldes knew perfectly well that not one of MPI’s six claimed “breakthroughs” represented anything more than an empty pretense.  They also knew that Randell Mills at Blacklight Power had obtained millions of dollars from foolish investors by means of his “hydrino” fraudcraft – and they saw no reason why MPI couldn’t do the very same.

But Ruff’s position as CEO of MPI could only have lasted a few months. Ruff and Goldes soon began calling themselves the Co-founders of a new company, Chava Energy, and the chavaenergy website was up and running by mid-April 2009.


7.       Mark Goldes.  

Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” is simply an elaborate fraud. After founding Magnetic Power Inc in the mid-eighties, Mark Goldes and MPI soon  developed most of the fraudcraftings which would serve as Goldes’ offerings in fraudcraft for the next thirty years, not only at MPI, but also at Chava Energy LLC,  and at his so-called “Aesop Institute.” Goldes’ partnership with Hagen Ruff, the other Co-founder (as well as CEO) of Chava Energy LLC, gave the Goldes-MPI fraudcraft a new lease on life, and accordingly it may be most properly termed the “Goldes-Ruff Fraudcraft.” For the past five years or more, while serving as a Co-founder and a Chief Officer of Chava Energy LLC, Goldes used his mgoldes @ chavaenergy dot com email address as his Aesop Institute email address as well, at least until his very recent ejection from Chava Energy.  In practice, Goldes made continual use of Aesop Institute to bring investors to Chava Energy, which for five years has based its pretenses on nearly all the same fraudcraft used by Goldes at Aesop Institute. The common fraudcraft has included the same fraudcraftings of water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” engines, generators powered by Zero Point Energy, “Ultraconductor” wire, “Ultraconductor” energy storage systems, and strictly ambient heat engines – along with the same false claims that “prototypes” of all these concepts were being developed, and would soon provide wonderful alternatives to fossil fuels.


8.      Intertwining Of Chava Energy LLC With Mark Goldes’ So-Called “Aesop Institute”

For five years, Hagen Ruff allowed Mark Goldes, a Co-founder as well as a Chief Officer of Chava Energy, not only to use his mgoldes @ chavaenergy dot com email address to solicit loans to Goldes’ so-called “Aesop Institute,” but simultaneously to solicit loans to Aesop Institute and investments in Chava Energy in the course of discussions and communications with prospects who had reached Goldes by way of aesopinstitute dot org. In effect, Ruff allowed Aesop Institute to become a fund-raising extension of Chava Energy. Starting in 2009, if not before, Goldes posted  thousands of fraudulent comments advertising the aesopinstitute website and promoting the Goldes-Ruff fraudcraft on dozens of different websites. On Huffington Post alone, as the user “Overtone,” he posted over three thousand such comments. When people contacted Goldes after visiting the aesopinstitute website, they would hear from Goldes not only about Aesop Institute but also about Chava Energy, and Goldes would solicit loans to Aesop Institute or investment in Chava Energy, whichever the prospect preferred, at the same time. This was his standard practice for years. By allowing this entangling of Aesop Institute with Chava Energy LLC, Ruff has incurred responsibility not only for the false and fraudulent pretenses of Chava Energy, but for those of Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” as well.


9.      Hagen Ruff.

For five years since it was founded, Chava Energy LLC tried to promote itself chiefly by means of false and fraudulent claims and pretenses, that it was developing “revolutionary energy breakthroughs,” including “Fractional Hydrogen” engines utilizing nonexistent states of hydrogen,  magical Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, and magnetic generators supposedly harnessing Zero Point Energy. Recently, most of the material containing these false and ludicrous claims was suddenly removed from the Chava Energy website, although much of the flimflam related to Zero Point Energy still remains.

In addition, Hagen Ruff quietly ejected Chava Energy’s Co-founder and Chief “Market Research” Officer, Mark Goldes.

And then came the lies.

Despite the fact that Chava Energy itself for five years had described Mark Goldes on the Chava Energy website as a Co-founder and Chief Officer, and despite the fact that hundreds of people all over the world have received mgoldes @ chavaenergy dot com emails in which Goldes describes himself as Co-founder of Chava Energy, and despite the fact that dozens of web pages still cached by Google show beyond question that Chava Energy regarded Goldes as a Co-founder and employed him as an active Chief Officer from the very start until recently, we are now told by the other Co-founder of Chava Energy, Hagen Ruff, that far from being any Co-founder or Chief Officer of Chava Energy, Mark Goldes was not even part of it, at all!

In fact, although Chava Energy LLC did not file as an LLC until May 2010, the Chava Energy website was presented in April 2009, and both Hagen Ruff and Mark Goldes were already in 2009 referring to Chava Energy as a new business entity. From the outset until his very recent ejection from Chava Energy LLC, Mark Goldes was listed and described on Chava Energy’s “Team Members” page as “Co-founder” as well as “Chief Market Research Officer.” But in fact Goldes’ true role was not to conduct “Market Research,” but to attract investors and solicit investments. Accordingly, Mark Goldes made continual use for five years, until his recent ejection, of his Chava Energy email address (  to communicate with prospective investors, many of whom had no doubt learned of Chava Energy from one of Goldes’ countless internet postings claiming “revolutionary energy breakthroughs.”


10.      Conclusion.

If Chava Energy’s claims regarding their pretended Revolutionary Breakthrough development of “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” engines, Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, “Ultraconductor” wire, “Ultraconductor Energy Storage Systems,” and Zero Point Energy harvesting “MagGen” generators were not false and fraudulent, why did Hagen Ruff suddenly remove those claims from Chava’s website?

In fact, all of those fraudulent claims came originally from the very same source: Chava Energy Co-founder and Chief Market Research Officer Mark Goldes, and Goldes’ previous company, Magnetic Power Inc.

We do find and state that Hagen Ruff’s Chava Energy LLC has made a great many utterly false and fraudulent claims and statements, showing very unscrupulous dishonesty, on the matters of “Fractional Hydrogen” engines, Ambient Temperature Thermionic Converters, “MagGen” generators that supposedly harness Zero Point Energy, “Ultraconductor” wire and “Ultraconductor Magnetic Energy Storage Systems.”

The relentless and pervasive dishonesty, fraudulence, and unscrupulousness, that characterized Mark Goldes’ use of his company Magnetic Power Inc for over twenty years prior to the founding of Chava Energy LLC, has also characterized Mark Goldes’ and Hagen Ruff’s use of Chava Energy LLC and Aesop Institute since 2009.

If there had ever been any chance at all that Chava Energy LLC could be transformed into an honest and honorable company despite its five-year specialization in fraudcraft, that chance was wiped out by Hagen Ruff’s most recent communications, in which he embarked on some brand new pretenses, no less ludicrous than his fraudcraft of “Fractional Hydrogen.” He now wants to pretend that his very active Co-founder, Mark Goldes, the very same person who has been his Chief Liar for five years, was actually never a part of Chava Energy, at all! And he also now wants to pretend that none of Chava Energy’s fraudcraftings came from Mark Goldes or MPI – even though, in fact, they all  did – every one of them.


11.      Notes.

Notes On Chava Energy’s Water-fueled “Fractional Hydrogen” “SPICE” Engine Fraudcrafting

Here is a link to Andreas Rathke’s paper, “A critical analysis of the hydrino model:”

And here is some more information:

And here is Randell Mills’ hydrino-power patent application 6024935, “Hydrogen atoms and cells for energy extraction:”

Notes On Chava Energy’s Ambient Heat Thermionic Converter Fraudcrafting

Here is Cyril Smith’s 2008 “Proposal For A Room-temperature Thermionic Converter,” from which the Chava Energy website flimflam on ambient temperature Thermionic Converters was evidently taken. (The website quotes a sentence from it that leaves the impression that they have already created and demonstrated this device – but that is obviously not the case. ),d.b2k

Here is some information on thermionic converters:

And here is Britannica’s article on thermionic power converters:

Notes On Chava Energy’s “Zero Point Energy” Fraudcrafting

Chava Energy says on their website: “Our MagGen™ technologies are the subject of two pending U.S. patent applications covering solid-state magnetic generators. An early prototype of one of them produced an output, at a very low power level, of more than 100 times the input. This first pending patent is titled “Solid State Electric Generator,” under Application no. US 2006/0163971 and is dated July 27th 2006.”

In reality, Gunderson’s “Solid State Electric Generator” is not a generator at all, but only a crude transformer, which has never been found useful for any purpose at all.

Here is the application for publication number 20060163971 . See if you can find any use of “Virtual Photon Flux” or Zero Point Energy, as Goldes and Ruff have variously pretended:

Here is the patent application for Publication number 8093869, which Goldes at MPI first called “POWERGENIE” and then “GENIE,” but which Chava Energy has presented as simply another “MagGen” utilizing Zero Point Energy – even though, once again, there is no mention of any Zero Point Energy in the application:

Notes On the Goldes-Ruff “Fuel-Free Turbine” Fraudcrafting:

Here is the Patent Application that was filed ten years ago for Boris Kondrashov’s  perpetual air compressor, which Mark Goldes now calls a “FUEL-FREE TURBINE:”

The application was filed in 2003, and was not awarded any patent.

Let’s look at the application. Under “Claims 1″ we are told:

“…kinetic energy of the obtained joined jet mass is used for creating a moment of rotation on the power shaft, characterized in that the working medium is presented by external gaseous masses, which before being fed to the jet device for forming an active jet are compressed in a compressor to the calculated level of pressure sufficient for creating rarefaction in the adding device…”

Somewhere else Kondrashov says:

“To set the above engine in operation, it is necessary to create pressure of working medium (e.g. air) in pneumatic accumulator 18. The compressed air is fed through check valve 19 and/or 20. On the calculated pressure level being reached, valve 21 is switched in use, which provides a calculated duration of flowing of compressed air out of the jet nozzle with a preset periodicity.”

“…compressed gases instead of combustion products are used as the working medium…”

There are many other statements that make it plain that neither “atmospheric pressure” nor “atmospheric heat”  power the engine – despite Kondrashov’s claims, which are contradicted by his own description of the engine. In one section of the patent he mentions incorporating a heat pump, without ever describing or explaining what will power the heat pump. In other sections of the patent he seems to forget about the heat pump entirely.  With or without the heat pump, he is presenting the idea of a compressed-air powered air compressor which would compress its own air, once it got started. We are never going to see that happen.

Recent Internet Lies by Hagen Ruff

Let’s look at just two of Hagen Ruff’s false statements from his recent comment on

1.  Hagen Ruff states:

“During a personal financial event of Mark [Goldes] in 2012 we decided to cease operations of Chava LLC and created a new company ‘Chava Energy LLC’, which Mark [Goldes] was no longer part of.”

Ruff very recently removed the entry for Mark Goldes on Chava Energy’s list of “Team Members,” which described Mark Goldes as:

“Mark Goldes, Co-Founder, CMRO (Chief Market Research Officer)”

However, although Ruff updated the page to delete this entry for Mark Goldes, the page was previously cached by Zoom Information Inc. on 10/30/2013 – so you can still see for yourself what the page contained previously. Under “Web References,” near the top of the list, you will see the word “cached” in blue type between brackets. Just click on that.

Or try this:

In fact, Mark Goldes was already in 2009 describing himself as “Co-founder of Chava Energy” or “Co-founder, Chava Energy” in many posts on pages still cached by Google,  which can still be found with google searches.

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